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At Stonelily Cleaning, we aim to provide affordable, stress-free residential cleaning to our Edmonton and area customers. We do this by providing our customers with straightforward and fair pricing, flexible cleaning schedules, reliable and trustworthy staff, and the best cleaning equipment. Our goal is to provide top notch residential cleaning in Edmonton and customer service that can’t be beat.

There are many benefits of hiring a maid for your Edmonton home. Some of them definitely outweigh any amount of money you spend on the service.

  • If you are a very busy person, a maid can help to keep your Edmonton home clean and tidy; this is especially useful when you don’t have the time to do it yourself. You don’t have to worry that your home is a mess and you get to come home to a clean space.
  • When you enter into a contract with us we will provide a maid for your Edmonton house and it will cleaned regularly and at specific intervals. This allows you to be comfortable with the cleaning routine and you can rest assured that the cleaning will be done.
  • You and your maid can discuss specific cleaning needs that your home may require. You can specify how much attention they need to give each room in your house. This allows them to spend their time where it is most needed.
  • People get busy and we help to take cleaning tasks off of your hands. Hiring a maid for your Edmonton home can help to free up time that would be spent cleaning so you can spend it how you want.
  • When you hire a maid for your Edmonton home, we can accommodate almost any budget. We are willing to take on contracts no matter if you need us once a month or twice a week.
  • Stonelily Cleaning makes a commitment to engage in frequent check-ins with clients and inspections to ensure the  quality of the work performed by our team.
  • At Stonelily Cleaning we definitely understand that hiring a maid in Edmonton may cause you to feel a little anxious! it is not easy opening your doors to a stranger and allowing them to complete such a personal task as cleaning your home. Rest assured that we hire only the best, and we perform police background and reference checks on everyone we hire as an employee.
  • If there is ever an issue with our cleaning service or employee conduct, we will take any complaint seriously and act on it in an appropriate manner.

Before you let anyone perform any residential cleaning in your Edmonton home there are some very important issues that you should ask when you are seeking a cleaning service. you should ask the following questions to ensure you are comfortable with the service you will receive.

Are you insured?

This means asking about insurance in the case of loss on your end. It can also cover situations which involve an employee being injured in your home while cleaning.

What is your process for hiring new employees? Do you conduct background checks?

All reputable cleaning services should be diligent in selecting who they hire. if they can’t guarantee that they have done police background checks and have called the references of every employee, you should look elsewhere for cleaning services.

Who will be coming to my home?

It is very reasonable to ask the name of the person who will be cleaning your home and if they will be the person regularly performing the service. This allows some peace of mind for you knowing that there will be a different person cleaning your home each time.

What is included in my cleaning routine?

Most services that perform residential cleaning in Edmonton will perform basic household cleaning such as: cleaning countertops, vacuuming, washrooms, sweeping, and mopping. If you need more that this, such as laundry or cleaning that goes “above and beyond,” it is important that you discuss this with your service and ensure it is included in your contract. Stonelily Cleaning offers basic, deluxe and custom cleaning packages to our clients.

What do I do if I need to cancel a cleaning day?

This is one of the biggest source of conflicts between clients and their cleaning service. This can be frustrating and it is avoidable. Make sure you are clear about the rescheduling or cancellation policy so you don’t get stuck with a bill when no service was performed.

Commercial Cleaning Edmonton

Services we offer:

  • Regular household cleaning chores such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning surfaces, dusting, vacuuming,and making beds.
  • We help seniors and people with disabilities or mobility issues clean their homes when they can’t do it themselves.
  • We can clean a space before you move in or after you move out of a home.
  • We will strip and wax your floors if you require this service.
  • We can wash the interior and exterior of your windows.
  • We are able to clean carpets in your home. We offer rug cleaning for our Edmonton customers and will also do carpet cleaning in St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and the surrounding areas of the city.

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